On-site training

"Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back." - Latse

To ensure that you and your staff are spared this fate, I offer basic courses in programming and data analysis as well as specialized courses for more advanced topics. All courses are specifically tailored to the background and needs of environmental scientists.

My course program includes training in:
- Programming in R/Python
- Data Analysis in R/Python
- SQL and Databases
- Statistics
- Machine Learning
- Dose-Response Modeling
- and many more.

Save complicated and expensive travels for you and your employees - the trainings take place comfortably at your location or via video conference.

   Video courses

No time for training over several days, but still willing to learn? We are all familiar with this: the schedule is full and there are often only minutes left in the day to keep up to date or to continue learning.

No problem! I'm currently implementing my trainings as video courses so you can dive into the wonderlands of statistics and data science in chunks, as your calendar allows.

As soon as they are ready, I will let you know here.

Are you interested in a training? Contact me: