About me

   The best of 2 worlds

As a doctor of environmental science and certified data scientist, I am your partner for all questions regarding the acquisition, analysis or presentation of environmental data. Following my philosophy "Creative, competent & customized data solutions", I develop customized solutions for you and use the latest methods and tools.

You continuously generate data, e.g. weather, water levels or similar? I develop a live dashboard for you, with which you can present this data live to your customers or the public in an appealing and understandable way.
You want to make predictions based on your complex data, e.g. how likely it is that a picture of a bee belongs to a certain species? I help you to use the almost unlimited possibilities of Machine Learning.

These are just two examples of what the wonderland of data science has in store for you. With my broad environmental science background, I am your ideal partner to open up this world for you.

   My career as an environmental scientist

After my very successful PhD (funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt) I built up a research team ("Aquatic Stress Ecology") and an own research area ("Trophic Ecology") at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the University of Koblenz-Landau. I was responsible for several research laboratories as well as an international course of studies, and lectured several courses (including statistics).

My research addressed a wide range of environmental science questions, such as the impact of chemicals and climate change on our environment. This research has resulted in ~60 publications in peer-reviewed journals and several book chapters to date. For a complete list of publications, visit my ResearchGate or Google Scholar profile.

   My career as a data scientist

Already during my bachelor studies I developed my love for data and the methods and technologies that allow to process them. I acquired the knowledge I needed for this mainly through self-study. I designed my first courses and tutorials, which I held during a semester abroad in the USA at the College of William & Mary and at my actual place of study in Landau, where I worked as a statistics lecturer, among other things, until I left. In addition, during my time as a researcher in Landau, I was responsible for statistics and modeling in numerous national and international projects.

Through constant self-learning and attending continuing education courses, I kept expanding my expertise and mastered
- all modern languages relevant in the field of data science (i.e. R, Python & SQL),
- statistics,
- dealing with Big Data,
- machine learning,
- data visualization & dashboarding.

2020 I also participated in a five-month certification program that rounded out my Data Scientist training.

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