Automated evaluation

Does it feel like it takes years to run your evaluation routine? Or do you lack the necessary know-how to integrate certain methods into it by default?

No problem! I automate your evaluation routine for you and help you to save time and make state-of-the-art methods available to your team.


Dashboards are graphical user interfaces for the visualization of data and information management for end users, which are known to everyone from the media at least since Corona.

Do you want to make your data internally accessible for your employees or on your website for the population more intuitive, attractive and in line with the spirit of the times? Then you need dashboards!


Large amounts of data require an organization that corresponds to their use. It is important to take into account various parameters such as the amount of data or the speed of the retrievals and to choose the optimal data organization scheme for you.

Your database is too slow? You have never heard of terms like normalization or star schema? I will help you to organize your data optimally for your needs.

Data-driven apps

Do you want to support your staff in collecting data in the field? Do you want to tap into the opportunities that the field of Citizen Science offers you? Or do you want to reach a younger audience with your data?

All this is possible through the use of data-driven apps, which I develop for you in cooperation with experts from the field of app development.

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